dCosm is a Massive Multiplayer Real Time Browser Based Persistent World Game. Wow what a mouth full. What does all of that mean?

Massive Multiplayer: dCosm will allow hundreds of thousands of people to play against each other.

Real Time: dCosm will allow all those people to play against each other in real time; not turns.

Browser Based: dCosm will be able to be played in Chrome and/or FireFox and on PC, Tablet, and Mobile.

Persistent: dCosm will forever be growing, exploding, living, and dying. Dying? Yes I said dying.

Now, here is a bit more information about the game. dCosm is about dominating the universe. Now you say hasn't this already been done? Yes, but not in the way we are doing it. Our universe will grow but it will also explode. Stars will have a specific life period before they turn for the worse. They will birth from gas and die into black holes or other forms. Excited, well hold on. This is only a small spec into the giant universe of ideas we are going to be introducing.

So when will it be done and playable? That is up to you as the audience. Currently I need a or some graphics designers for the maps. Keep checking in for more updates.